cobald.daemon.core.config module

class cobald.daemon.core.config.COBalDLoader(stream)[source]

Bases: SafeLoader

Loader with access to COBalD configuration constructors

class cobald.daemon.core.config.PipelineTranslator[source]

Bases: Translator

Translator for cobald pipelines

This allows for YAML configurations to have one or several pipeline elements. Each pipeline is translated as a series of nested elements, the way a Controller receives a Pool.

    # same as ``package.module.callable(a, b, keyword1="one", keyword2="two")
    - __type__: package.module.Controller
      interval: 20
    - __type__: package.module.Pool
translate_hierarchy(structure, *, where='', **construct_kwargs)[source]
cobald.daemon.core.config.add_constructor_plugins(entry_point_group: str, loader: Type[BaseLoader]) None[source]

Add PyYAML constructors from an entry point group to a loader

  • loader – the PyYAML loader which uses the plugins

  • entry_point_group – entry point group to search


This directly modifies the loader by calling add_constructor().

cobald.daemon.core.config.load(config_path: str)[source]

Load a configuration and keep it alive for the given context


config_path – path to a configuration file

cobald.daemon.core.config.load_pipeline(content: list)[source]

Load a cobald pipeline of Controller >> … >> Pool from a configuration section


content – content of the configuration section


cobald.daemon.core.config.load_section_plugins(entry_point_group: str) Tuple[SectionPlugin][source]

Load configuration plugins from an entry point group


entry_point_group – entry point group to search


all loaded plugins