Source code for cobald.decorator.logger

from typing import NamedTuple, Any, Optional
import logging
import warnings

from cobald.interfaces import Pool, PoolDecorator

    "demand = %(value)s "
    "[demand=%(demand)s, supply=%(supply)s, "
    "utilisation=%(utilisation).2f, allocation=%(allocation).2f]"

# The %-style formatting corresponds to key lookups in a mapping
# To warn about deprecated keys, we use a specialised mapping class
# that warns when a marked item is looked up.
class _WarnValue(NamedTuple):
    """Entry in a `_WarnMap` that raises a `warning` when its `value` is fetched"""

    value: Any
    warning: Warning

class _WarnMap(dict):
    r"""Map that raises a warnings if keys pointing to ``_WarnValue``\ s are accessed"""

    def __getitem__(self, item):
        value = super().__getitem__(item)
        if isinstance(value, _WarnValue):
            warnings.warn(value.warning, stacklevel=2)
            return value.value
            return value

# Mapping providing test values for all fields of a :py:class:`~.Logger` message
# - Valid fields must have an arbitrary value of correct type to test their formatting.
# - Deprecated fields must use `_WarnValue` to trigger a deprecation warning as well.
            "The Logger message field 'consumption' is deprecated;"
            " use 'allocation' instead"

[docs] class Logger(PoolDecorator): """ Log a message on every change of ``demand`` :param name: name of the :py:class:`logging.Logger` to log to :param message: format for message to emit on every change :param level: numerical logging level The ``message`` parameter is used as a ``%``-style format string with named fields. Valid named format fields are ``value`` for the new demand being set, ``demand``, ``supply``, ``utilisation`` and ``allocation`` for the current state of ``target``, and ``target`` for the ``target`` pool itself. For example, a ``message`` of ``"adjust demand from %(demand)s to %(value)s"`` will log the old and new demand value. .. deprecated:: 0.12.2 The ``consumption`` format field. Use ``allocation`` instead. """ @property def demand(self): return @demand.setter def demand(self, value): self._logger.log( self.level, self.message, { "value": value, "demand":, "supply":, "utilisation":, "allocation":, "consumption":, "target":, }, ) = value @property def name(self) -> str: return @name.setter def name(self, value: Optional[str]): if value is None: value = self._logger = logging.getLogger(value) def __init__( self, target: Pool, name: Optional[str] = None, message: str = _DEFAULT_MESSAGE, level: int = logging.INFO, ): super().__init__(target=target) # try formatting message to warn about invalid/deprecated fields try: message % _LOGGER_TEST_FIELDS except KeyError as e: raise RuntimeError( f"invalid {type(self).__name__} message field: {e}" ) from None # set properly by setter immediately afterwards self._logger: logging.Logger = name self.message = message self.level = level