Source code for cobald.daemon.runners.guard

from typing import Callable, TypeVar
import threading
import functools

C = TypeVar("C", bound=Callable)

[docs] def exclusive(via=threading.Lock) -> Callable[[C], C]: """ Mark a callable as exclusive :param via: factory for a Lock to guard the callable Guards the callable against being entered again before completion. Explicitly raises a :py:exc:`RuntimeError` on violation. :note: If applied to a method, it is exclusive across all instances. """ def make_exclusive(fnc: C) -> C: fnc_guard = via() @functools.wraps(fnc) def exclusive_call(*args, **kwargs): if fnc_guard.acquire(blocking=False): try: return fnc(*args, **kwargs) finally: fnc_guard.release() else: raise RuntimeError("exclusive call to %s violated") return exclusive_call return make_exclusive