Source code for cobald.controller.relative_supply

import trio

from cobald.interfaces import Pool, Controller

from cobald.daemon import service

[docs] @service(flavour=trio) class RelativeSupplyController(Controller): """ Controller that adjusts demand relative to supply :param target: the pool to manage :param low_utilisation: pool utilisation below which resources are decreased :param high_allocation: pool allocation above which resources are increased :param low_scale: scale of ```` when decreasing resources :param high_scale: scale of ```` when increasing resources :param interval: interval between adjustments in seconds """ def __init__( self, target: Pool, low_utilisation=0.5, high_allocation=0.5, low_scale=0.9, high_scale=1.1, interval=1, ): super().__init__(target=target) self.interval = interval assert low_utilisation <= high_allocation self.low_utilisation = low_utilisation self.high_allocation = high_allocation assert low_scale < 1 assert high_scale > 1 self.low_scale = low_scale self.high_scale = high_scale
[docs] async def run(self): while True: self.regulate(self.interval) await trio.sleep(self.interval)
[docs] def regulate(self, interval): if < self.low_utilisation: = * self.low_scale elif > self.high_allocation: = * self.high_scale else: =