Source code for cobald.composite.uniform

from ..interfaces import Pool, CompositePool

[docs] class UniformComposite(CompositePool): """ Uniform composition of several pools, with each pool weighted the same """ children = [] @property def demand(self): return self._demand @demand.setter def demand(self, value): self._demand = value child_count = len(self.children) for pool in self.children: pool.demand = value / child_count @property def supply(self): return sum( for child in self.children) @property def utilisation(self): try: return sum(child.utilisation for child in self.children) / len( self.children ) except ZeroDivisionError: return 1.0 @property def allocation(self): try: return sum(child.allocation for child in self.children) / len(self.children) except ZeroDivisionError: return 1.0 def __init__(self, *children: Pool): self._demand = sum(child.demand for child in children) self.children = list(children)